Why should I learn Morse code?

There are many reasons why you would want to, all depending on your specific interests! You might be interested in reading our introductory blog post on Learning Morse Code.


What is Farnsworth speed?

Farnsworth speed is a method for keeping the character speed at a normal pace while having longer inter-word spacing, allowing to comprehend the characters being played.

What speed should I use?

We recommend keeping the character speed at 20 WPM and starting from a Farnsworth speed of 10 WPM. This is a good balance that will allow you to learn quickly and efficiently.

What are the lesson levels?

The lesson levels define how large the character set you are learning is. The first level - level 2 - only contains the first two characters, K and M. The highest level is 41, which contains all letters, digits and special characters.

When should I move up a level?

When you are consistently getting high scores in lessons and feel comfortable with the character set you are working with, it's a good time to increase the level and learn a new character. Over time you will start to get a good feel of when this should happen.


How are payments processed?

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How do I cancel my subscription plan?

You may cancel your plan at any time directly through Paddle, via the cancel link in any invoice. Of course, you can always contact us at support@mastercw.com and we'll be happy to take care of any change to your subscription.